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Name:Julie Finster, aka 84
Birthdate:Jan 1

school portraitName: Julie Finster
Status: Student, PS238
Known Aliasses: 84. Previously, some of her classmates called her Flying Girl.
Age: 8
Height: 4' 4"
Weight: 45#
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Known meta abilities: Flight, invulnerability, strength, speed.
Distinguishing characteristics: None
Costume: Blue, one piece jumper with mask and an 84 logo over the heart.
Summary: Julie has been described as a "home-grown Atlas*." Her powers are akin to those of the mighty alien superhero, but she hails from Earth rather than the stars.
Julie is one of what have become known as "common heroes" or FISSs (an acronym for flight, invulnerability, strength and speed). Her powers, while indeed super, are hardly unique. Other meta-humans of her ilk have sometimes found life easier if they stick to the "normal" career paths and keep their powers in the closet. Only time will tell if Julie will decide what to do with her talents.

Like other meta-humans with her power set, Julie is vulnerable to the fabricated element Argonite which weakens her and dampens her powers.

*Her world's Superman.

Julie Finster is from the comic book PS238, and is the property of Aaron Williams. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

If you are here from the [info]au_hogwarts, here is some basic info about her in that canon.

Also, a quick note about canon for friends of Tyler Marlocke: In canon, very few people know Tyler is Moon Shadow. In fact, even when direct evidence is presented to them, most people find some way of denying it. What this means (and the whole reason I'm putting this here) is that if your pup tells Julie Finster, aka Flying Girl, aka 84, Tyler is Moon Shadow, she will laugh. Any evidence will be waved off or explained away.

This is almost like canon punching so please if Julie seems like she's ignoring the obvious in this manner, let her. She's not treating your pup like an idiot, she doesn't think badly about them, she's just being true to canon.

Thanks. = ]
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